200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

blog-toddlerDeepen your education and knowledge during this comprehensive and practical approach to yoga. Specialize in Vinyasa flow and will cover alignment, adjustments, philosophy, restorative, pre/postnatal Hatha Yoga and an overall understanding of all yoga.

Meet Our Instructors:

Sara Grote, Lead Instructor

In the summer of 2008 I was introduced to yoga through one of my best friends and it changed my life forever.

Growing up, I was always overweight, depressed and anxious. By age 19, I found myself at the heaviest weight I had been and that mirrored my mental health as well. I was depressed all the time, anxious and feeling lost. I decided to make a change and slowly started learning about exercise, eating healthy and for the first time, self love.

After two years of working hard I had lost 60 pounds and found a whole new perspective on life. It was not as much about the weight loss as it was about finding myself and my strength for the first time. I realized that if I used exercise as a daily routine, I was no longer depressed or anxious. I started feeling happier within myself, more motivated in life and finally felt like I knew exactly who I was.

I challenged myself constantly with new forms of exercise and my friend asked me to join her in a yoga class. From that day on, I was hooked! At first, it was feeling the strength within myself. Feeling flexible in my body, challenging myself to dive deeper into the mind and body connection. Whenever you have been overweight, that mindset is ALWAYS there. It can be hard to let go of what or who you used to be. With yoga, I was able to learn about myself deeper than ever before. I was able to understand why I had certain thoughts about my body, why I felt weak in some emotional situations and it allowed me to feel a sense of community wherever I went.

In the Spring of 2009 I moved to California at the age of 22. It was a terrifying and yet liberating experience! For the first time, I did not have to think about “what my family would think”. I felt freedom in ways I had never imagined. I started practicing yoga as soon as I arrived in California and that gave me a sense of family. I was able to connect with students in classes, with teachers and studio owners. There was always something about a yoga studio that allowed me to feel calmness and a sense of “home” even though I was 3,000 miles away.

After 3 years in California, the separation from my family was beginning to wear on me. I grew up in a very loving household where we had family dinners every Sunday. Being far away was exciting at first but the more struggles I had in life, the more I realized I wanted and needed my family close. I kept going to yoga and using my “yoga family” as a way to feel connection and a sense of belonging.

In the fall of 2011, my father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My whole world came crashing down. I loved my family more than anything and felt a constant guilt for not being on the East Coast with them. The only thing that kept me going was yoga. I dived even deeper into my practice and there were many classes that I cried through. Yoga in not only the mind/body connection, it can help you release emotions you have been holding onto for far too long. By the spring of 2012 I was in a whirlwind of emotions about my father, I was going back and forth in my mind daily about if I should move home to be closer to my family. They constantly supported me and told me to stay, to live the life that I wanted to live.

I remember going for a long walk on the beach after a call from my mom about my dads updated health issues. I walked for hours just sobbing and feeling lost once more. I stopped and watched the ocean and started to ask myself “ how can I help?” “how can I be a better daughter from here?” “how can I let my family rely on me instead of me relying on them emotionally?” The one answer that always kept coming back to me was Yoga. I wanted to give my family what I had gotten from yoga. A sense of calm, a self love no matter what was going on in their lives, a feeling a strength within their bodies, minds and hearts. It was in this moment that I decided to become a yoga teacher. One of the best connections I have felt with strangers is with yoga teachers, they allow you to let your guard down and just be you on that mat. There is not pressure to be someone you are not. Each time we step onto our mats, we are different from the last time and the teachers I learned with taught me that that is being Human. This is what I wanted for my future. I wanted to connect with my family, with strangers and with all humans on an emotional level.

I took my Teacher Training in San Diego in the Spring of 2012 and it was the last thing I did in California before moving home. It allowed me to understand myself on levels I had never imagined, it allowed me to work through a lot of the grieving process that comes with watching a parent change and become someone new. Through my training, I not only learned how to connect deeper to my own practice, I learned how to be an independent person. Until my training, I had relied so heavily on my family for emotional support. Yoga gave me the strength to support myself and feel like I could better support my family as well. In short, it made me grow up.

I became a yoga teacher because I wanted to help myself, my family and my community. I never realized that through being a teacher, I could help people in so many different ways. I have learned to read students energies and have had numerous classes where I felt emotional pain being let go from my students, I have taught classes where students came up to me after and said “ this is exactly what I needed today.” I have always been someone that wants to help and heal others. I decided to become a teacher to help others but I never realized how much I have helped myself in the process. I truly love connecting with each and every one of my students. I love feeling the lightness coming into their emotional selves when they can learn to let go of some of the darkness within. I love the energy exchanges, the personal connections and being able to feel like I am helping to bring positivity into the world.

My yoga teaching journey began with wanting to help myself heal and also wanting to help others. The longer I teach, the more I learn about how much those connections mean to us all. My teaching journey has transcended from being anxious the first few classes to walking into the studio each day with excitement in my heart, mind and body. I truly feel like I have found myself within teaching. I have always wanted to help people, to spread love and light and to feel a sense of freedom each day. Teaching allows me to have all of those things and yet I never feel like I am “teaching” anymore, I feel like I am practicing right along side my students.

Tomoko Liguori, Assisting Instructor

What yoga means to me – to me, yoga is an essential or imperative part of my daily life increase volume of relaxation in mind and body let me focus on now.

Why I became a yoga instructor – there are two major reasons why I became a yoga teacher, first, it was for my mind. I came to America to go to college from Japan. Coming here from a different culture and language, I had a hard time adjusting to campus life, felt isolated sad, perhaps missing home. One day, a friend suggested me to come to a meditation class at her yoga studio. After the practice, I felt more relaxed in peace, less anxious and depressed. Since then, meditation became a part of my life. I wanted to share this experience with other people.

Secondly, it was for my body, there is no judgement in yoga practice, no right or wrong find your own boundary, there you find peace and freedom. Everyone, age, sex, gender or fitness level does not matter, we all are invited to practice yoga. Yoga is not just stretching the body, it brings you balance, harmony, and happiness. I wanted to teach these wonderful aspects of yoga to people

Sonya Carter, Assisting Instructor

What yoga means to me – yoga is a choice to show up and be present in the moment, on purpose, with non-judgmental awareness. Yoga is choosing to respond to life – not react to it. Yoga is finding balance in the body, breath and mind.

Why I became a yoga instructor – I love practicing and learning about yoga. I find the more I learn and practice, the more I want to know. And since one of the best ways to learn something is to teach it,  I enrolled in a yoga teacher training program. I have enjoyed sharing the practice of yoga with others since 2007.

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 Jennifer Packard
Jennifer Packard

Whether you’re just starting out, trying to get back into a routine, or are feeling frustrated with your current regimen: Your fitness journey is your own. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

 Terry Hall
Terry Hall

‘Can’t’ is no longer in my vocabulary, and I have a sense of pride in my ability to work toward a goal and not only achieve it, but often exceed it.