What to Wear: Disney Half-Marathon Survival Guide

Well, it’s official; this is the last blog before I run my half-marathon!

In fact, as I am typing, it is already less than a week away! How crazy is that?! When I first started writing these blogs the actual race seemed like a lifetime away, and now I’m starting to think about what I need to pack (besides my outfit for the run, of course).

And what, pray tell, might that outfit consist of? I’ll tell you! Because the votes are in and you (a LOT of you – I was floored by the number of votes we got), decided that I should run the 2016 Disney Princess Half-Marathon dressed as…

Ariel from The Little Mermaid!

That’s right, the redhead pulled ahead early and never really gave up her lead. I’m happy because not only do I get to wear sparkly mermaid scale print leggings, but also my nieces and nephew definitely approve (shout out to Diana, Liv, Stella, and Liam! I love you!). And, as anyone with small children in their life knows, keeping them happy is very, very important.

We all know that the reason I got into this mess was for the costume, so, without further ado, let me break this ensemble down for you.


Most of the stuff in this photo is pretty self-explanatory. I’m not planning to run anywhere in Ariel’s iconic seashells, so I settled for various layers of purple athletic wear on top (long sleeves definitely felt necessary because, Florida or not, it is still February).

Then come those amazing glittery mermaid leggings, the starfish hair clip, and the absolutely essential tutu. I seriously don’t care if a tutu makes not a lick of sense for a mermaid; there was no way I was going to run this race without rocking one! If anyone asks, I’ll just tell them that mermaids are the ballerinas of the sea… or something.

Then there are my sneakers… that just happened to match the amazing Ariel water bottle and Ariel tiara I found! What a happy coincidence! On the same shopping trip I snagged that sheet of Ariel temporary tattoos. You can bet I will be sporting some of those! And so will my dear father, who is accompanying me to Florida to cheer me on.

Nothing says devoted dad like a 60-something year old man with temporary tattoo mermaids on his face, am I right?

I couldn’t be more pleased with my outfit. I am so excited to wear it and finish this princess run in style!

And, yes, I will be finishing! I am finally able to run again without pain! Hooray! Yes, I missed out on some essential weeks of training, but am I going to let that stop me? Heck no! I likely won’t run the entire 13.1 miles, but you can bet I am going to complete them – and have an awesome medal to prove it!

Thank you so much, to all of you who kept coming back to see what kind of nonsense I’d get into next, for sticking with it. I wouldn’t have made it this far without this blog to keep me honest! Your encouraging words and tips have been amazing. The RVC community has given me the best support I could possible ask for! I can’t wait to share photos and stories with you in one last blog when I return!

I’ll see you on the other side for the happily ever after part of this princess’s story….

Countdown to Half-Marathon: 6 days!!!
Longest Distance Run: 8 miles.
Number of Workouts Last Week: 3 (two “running”, one tennis)
Goal for This Week: Oh, I don’t know, RUN A HALF-MARATHON?

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