Training to Make the Team

“I started working out at RVC in 6th grade, when I attended summer Speed & Agility Camps to get ready for soccer season. Anthony Vorachak helped me become more conscious of my form as a runner, and how I could move my arms and legs more efficiently.

Working with Anthony not only helped me become a faster, fitter sprinter, but also helped me prevent potentially serious sports injuries due to poor movement patterns. At that time Anthony was only an intern, but he used his knowledge and expertise effectively to make me a better athlete.

Two years later, Dave Reece, an Upper Valley skating coach, recommended I start personal training with Anthony to improve my strength and mobility on the ice. Anthony worked closely with me to build up both upper and lower body strength through Olympic lifts, as well as improving my fitness through short circuit workouts.

I continued to work with Anthony during my high school years, periodically in season, and more frequently in the spring and summer when I was not playing a high school sport.

It was rewarding to see my lifting gains each year and the consequent improvements on the soccer field and the hockey rink.

Anthony knew just how much to push me, which led to gains in terms of mental toughness.

In addition to helping with strength and agility, Anthony was, and still is, a great mentor who I admire for his competitiveness and drive. I look forward to coming into the gym every day to workout with both a coach and friend.

This past spring when I was accepted to Bowdoin College, I approached the women’s ice hockey coach to see if walking on was an option. She was open to the idea, so I set a goal for myself to walk-on this winter.

During the spring and summer I worked out every day, either with Anthony or doing the workouts he gave me, to get stronger and faster. I came into strength training and conditioning at Bowdoin very confident, and was happy with my preseason lifting and speed tests.

After a few practices in November, my coach notified me that I had made the team.! I am very grateful to Anthony (and many others) for giving me the tools and assistance to reach this goal.

Making the women’s hockey team would have been very difficult without Anthony’s encouragement, positivity, and dedication to helping me.”
JJ Taube

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