The Best Part of My Day

I moved to the Upper Valley area in June 2019 and from the moment I visited the River Valley Club, I was hooked. The first class I ever attended at the Club was a group bootcamp with Alex Figueroa, whose fantastic ponytail/manbun was only matched by his incredible ability to make you feel equal parts exhausted and accomplished at the end of each session. I continued to show up religiously a couple of times a week for bootcamp, but a private training session with Alex convinced me that I needed to begin training with him one-on-one.
This was in February 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down gyms, but warmer spring weather and the benefit of large open spaces at the Lebanon High School field allowed us to continue training, which became my lifeboat in an otherwise isolated and sedentary year. Alex was amazingly creative, whether it involved tying resistance bands on the football goal posts or suspending gymnastic rings off the back of bleachers to simulate everything from chest presses to loaded squats. Since the Club reopened in July 2020, I have been training in RVC’s new Personal Training Studio.
The Personal Training Studio at the River Valley Club offers a boutique experience with a greater sense of personal space, more privacy, and increased seclusion with my personal trainer. I’ve never seen this in a large club environment before, and all without compromising the elevated full-service Club amenities for which RVC is so well-known.
I have never thought of myself as an athlete, but these past 15 months of training with Alex has changed that. His training has transcended my physical stamina and strength, which has further developed every other aspect of my personal and professional life. I have learnt that discipline is far more important than motivation, and that constant, relentless effort is what achieves results. I find working out with Alex meditative too, and the hours I spend with him are often the only hours during the week when my mind isn’t racing in ten different directions. Instead, I look inward, enjoying and embracing the challenge, and appreciating what my body can accomplish.
I have found a warm and wonderful community of professionals, and more importantly, friends at the River Valley Club, and in Alex in particular. I cannot wait to keep coming back and continuing to be a part of this terrific group of people.
P.S. – A huge shout out to Melissa, Ming and Handsome Jack for being such a crucial part of the awesomeness that has been my RVC experience!
-Aashna Mehra
Member since 2019

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