Tennis is an Emotional Uplift for me

Last summer, I came back from vacation determined to main­tain the physical activity level I generally have in the warmer months into the fall and win­ter. Needless to say, this is a goal I have long had but not often achieved. Tennis seemed like a good option because I could do it inside (or out­side), the RVC programming was varied (group classes, lessons, games), and it was social. So I signed up for a tennis membership at the RVC.
I had played tennis casually as a kid, but this was really starting over. I had no gear and didn’t know the rules or terms very well. Shouldn’t the “service line” be where you serve from?? Nope. Thank­fully, head pros Tammy and Chad Arado have ushered me back into the sport with positive energy and great ex­pertise. They are both con­sistently encouraging yet also not easy on me- something I very much appreciate. And this combination has helped me to get better quickly, which makes it all build on itself and makes me want to play more and more. I now play in a singles league at the Club (no traveling), do the cardio tennis class and adult tennis camp classes regularly in addition to private lessons.
The other players I have met on the court at the Club have truly all been kind and sup­portive – not a grumpy one in the bunch. Even players who are much better than I am have only been positive influences. Many I now con­sider friends. This again, I think, speaks to how Tammy and Chad run their program.
Tennis has been such an emo­tional uplift for me. As a for­mer competitive alpine skier, I have always gone running and biking and lifted weights to keep in shape generally and for skiing specifically.
That’s all well and good but those pursuits feel a little bor­ing to me right now compared to tennis. I joke at the Club that I must be part Golden Retriever because I just go where the ball is and don’t think about the effort. I wear a heart rate monitor and burn so many calories laughing and smiling my way through tennis that I meet my monthly goals weeks ahead of time. And after being cooped up during the pandemic, I can’t lie: hitting that yellow bouncy ball feels pretty satisfying too!
Now that summer is approach­ing and I would normally start running and biking a lot, I sus­pect tennis will actually remain my main entree of exercise through the warmer months. Yes, I will get out in the woods plenty. But when I need an energy lift, a great and sat­isfying workout, and to have just plain fun, you will find me on the tennis court. And I’ll serve from the line I now know is called the baseline.
– Lindsay Maclndoe, member since 2021.

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