Weekend Group Swim Lessons

Six week program options

We now offer weekend group swim lessons for children. Instructed by Alicia Connors.

All swim levels

Beginner A
For students (ages 3+) who have little to no experience in the water and/or are timid in the water. In this level, students will learn to:

  • enter the water independently
  • blow bubbles
  • comfortably go under water
  • front float for 3 seconds with support (face in)
  • back float for 3 seconds with support
  • front glide with support (face in)
  • back glide with support
  • swimming on front with support
  • swimming on back with support


Beginner B
For students (ages 3+) to have some experience with the water and are comfortable putting their face in the water and being in the water. In this level, students will learn to:

  • comfortably submerge head for 3 seconds
  • independently front float for 3 seconds with face in the water
  • independently back float for 3 seconds
  • independently do a front glide with face in the water
  • independently do a back glide
  • bobs with rhythmic breathing
  • front crawl for 15 yards
  • back crawl for 15 yards


Pre Swim Team
Please contact the instructor for details.

2020 Group Session Dates

Dates listed are for weekend swim lessons. The remainder of our programming is ongoing or privately scheduled.

Winter Session 1: January 6 - February 15 (6 weeks)

  • Makeup week February 17
  • No class on February 17
  • Registration opens December 9, 2019
  • Registration closes January 1, 2020
  • $54 M / $65 NM

Winter Session 2: February 24 - April 11 (7 weeks)

  • Makeup week April 13
  • Registration opens January 27
  • Registration closes February 19
  • $63M / $75 NM

Spring Session: May 4 - June 20 (7 weeks)

  • Makeup week June 22
  • Closed on May 25
  • Registration opens April 6
  • Registration closes April 29
  • $63 M / $75 NM

Summer Session: July 6 - August 29 (8 weeks)

  • Makeup week August 31
  • Registration opens June 1
  • Registration closes July 1
  • $72 M / $85 NM

Fall Session 1: September 7 - October 17 (6 weeks)

  • Makeup week October 19
  • Closed on September 7
  • Registration opens July 29
  • Registration closes August 18
  • $63 M / $75 NM

Fall Session 2: October 19 - December 19 (8 weeks)



  • 11:30am - 12:00pm Beginner A
  • 10:30am - 11:00am Beginner B
  • 12:00pm - 12:45pm Pre Swim Team

** Lesson times are subject to change due to attendance


Prices are listed above under each specific season session.


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Meet the instructor

Alicia Connors is WSI certified by the American Red Cross and has taught numerous children how to swim going back as far as her life guarding, swim team and swim coaching days while in high school and college.  Her dedication to children is evident in her multiple roles as Program Manager for CASA NH and former volunteer VT Chair for the international relief organization CARE.

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