The Gift of Swim Lessons?

Our grandson, Rio, came to RVC in November 2019, a 9-year-old non-swimmer. Rio is naturally athletic and had spent lots of time in pools and lakes over the years. He had also participated in numerous camps with swimming components, but somehow was able to pass out of swim requirements without being a competent swimmer. What to do?

Several years ago I had joined the RVC so I could swim before and/or after work during the winter months. I was at the pool one day to swim laps, and by chance, I observed Pam teaching a swim lesson.. Pam was calmly talking to this little guy asking him to do one thing after another and he was responding beautifully to her. Clearly he trusted her. I recall commenting to Pam on his progress at the time. Pam’s response was “it’s amazing what you can do when both the parents and the child are committed to the learning of a skill.” I was a middle school teacher so I know a good teacher when I see one. I suppose that’s why the experience stayed with me.

I believe every child should know how to swim so when I decided to look for swim lessons for Rio I recalled watching Pam teaching. I called the RVC to inquire about swim lessons and I was delighted to find Pam was available to teach Rio, starting immediately.

After just 10 sessions with Pam, Rio is executing a very respectable freestyle with nice rotation and breathing correctly at every third stroke. He is comfortable in the water, gaining core strength, and taking instruction easily, ready to build on this terrific foundation. Rio is very proud and loves to come to the sessions.

If you are looking for a meaningful gift this season – or any season – for your child or grandchild who is not yet a swimmer, consider swimming lessons with Coach Pam!

Visit our aquatics page to learn more on how to get started today!

Written by Kristina Burnett
RVC Member since 2014

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