You Have Helped Me Break a Barrier That I Had Struggled with for Almost 6 Years

January has been very busy and flew by. My youngest, Dominick went back to college, Alexander started working at Nova, as well as continuing work at RVC and my oldest, Nicholas has been plowing a ton. We all workout at RVC and all 3 of them have been a big part of my success. Encouraging me, working out with me and holding me accountable. Its been really fun spending this time with them.

I have been a member since Oct. 2017 I believe. RVC was always a place I would go for pampering: – massage and facials. I would always take advantage of the wonderful locker room and use all the luxury (sauna, steam-bath and whirlpool) ect.. I decided I should become a member and do something good for myself. At first I was a bit intimidated, but it didn’t take me long to feel right at home.  The staff is so friendly, the equipment is great and a lot of variety. Cardio, lifting and classes. I’ve tried a bit of everything and loved it all.

When I first became a member I had a fitness consultation with Jesse -who is amazing and has been very helpful and encouraging. I always talk his ear off, but he always has the answers I need or he searches them out. The consultation was pretty cool and showed me that I had a lot of work to do. So I got busy. Then the Styku Scans came to RVC I really wanted to see where I was at and if my workouts were paying off. They were!! Jesse set me up for another one – roughly 2 mo. later. Results again! I was shocked and very happy. The scans have really helped me to know that all the hard work is paying off and keeps me setting new goals and challenges for myself. I thanked all my boys for all they have done for me and they continue to keep encouraging me. One of my sons got me the Myzone and that has also proven to be a great motivator as I compete with myself. Another thing I’ve noticed with getting in better shape is that I have more energy and my body doesn’t hurt all the time.

Work has also become easier, as I have a home cleaning business which requires a lot of energy. Thank you Jesse, you have helped me break a barrier that I had struggled with for almost 6 years.

Theresa Depalo

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 Jennifer Packard
Jennifer Packard

Whether you’re just starting out, trying to get back into a routine, or are feeling frustrated with your current regimen: Your fitness journey is your own. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

 Terry Hall
Terry Hall

‘Can’t’ is no longer in my vocabulary, and I have a sense of pride in my ability to work toward a goal and not only achieve it, but often exceed it.