Q&A with Avid CrossFitter, Alan Johnson

We sat down with one of our avid CrossFitters and had him answer a few questions about what it means to be part of our amazing CrossFit community inside of RVC.

What’s your name, and how long have you been a member of CrossFit RVC? Alan Johnson, and I have spent 1.5 years in CrossFit, plus a couple of years of general membership before that.

What brought you to try out CrossFit RVC? I work across the street in 21 Lafayette. Can’t beat it for convenience.

How often do you come to CrossFit RVC / how do you fit fitness into your routine? Most weekdays I come at lunchtime. If I can’t, I try to make a later class or do the workout of the day (WOD) in open gym.

Why do you take CrossFit group classes? Supporting each other is a huge part of CrossFit. I get a lot out of the coaches and the other athletes, and I think they get a good amount from me too. I like the give and take of it.

Do you utilize any other part of RVC? The outdoor pool in the summer and the cold plunge. A machine upstairs once in a while if I’m trying to do some recovery work or something.

What is the community like at CrossFit RVC? Great! CrossFit, in general, is very friendly and supportive, to a level unlike anything else I have seen. I have heard from several over CrossFitters that have been to other boxes that RVC is even a level up from most! Everyone does a great job keeping it fun and welcoming. The most important thing is that you show up and work wherever you are at that day, taking into account your own skill, fitness, and strength levels. Put in some work, and you get respect.

What types of physical results have you seen? Before CrossFit, I was pretty strong and did a good amount of long-distance running (building up to a half marathon each year), but now I am much leaner, my anxiety is way down, my respiratory and cardio capacity is higher than I think it has ever been, maybe even more than when I wrestled in high-school. Also, because of the complementary nature and great variety of movements we do in CrossFit, I don’t get hurt as much as I used to, inside or outside the gym.

Have you seen any mental or emotional results? I am able to focus more and sleep better. I am far less anxious and not as easy to anger. I build a good habit of going 2-4 times a week years ago, knowing that skipping the gym for more than a day or 2 was never good for me or my world. With CrossFit, I enjoy going almost every day! It is more of a treat than chore these days.

What have you learned from working out at CrossFit RVC? Do you have a day or two? So much… how to improve mobility, balancing workouts for better recovery, a bunch of fun new movements, where core strength really comes from, nutrition, how to connect with people, better coaching techniques, just so so much. I have a real understanding of what holistic fitness is and therefore, holistic health.

What would you say to someone thinking about trying CrossFit for the first time? Just start now. Start where you are. If you are struggling, ask the coaches for more scaled options and how to work on your weaker points. When learning any new movement, always work on mobility first, then form, then strength, then speed/power. There is some overlap in the progression but don’t rush through them.

Do you use our CrossFit workout tracking software, Wodify? If so, how? Tracking my progress, figuring out my percentages, sending likes and an occasional comment to other posters.

What is your favorite CrossFit exercise? Tough one. Probably snatch or overhead squat, just because I’m so strong on those relative to my other movements. Deadlift is up there, and ring muscle-ups are fun. Moving a bar and/or myself through the air is always fun.

What is your least favorite CrossFit exercise? Burpees, especially facing anything. Lateral is much better. Box jumps scare me into going slow because I have had a few misses, and those can take weeks to recover from.

What are your fitness goals for 2020? Just keep it steady and keep chipping on small improvements. Goal setting has never been my thing, especially time-based. If I identify something I want to improve on, I start working on it now, and it gets done when it gets done. Rushing things usually makes them take longer, especially at my age! I’m in this to keep my performance outside the gym high, so my gym goals would be secondary anyway. I do my best to figure out where I am each day and work to get better from there. Ideally, I get better than yesterday, but sometimes that means taking it easy and recovering.

Alan Johnson, RVC member since 2014

Want to learn more about CrossFit at RVC? Head on over to the CrossFit website.

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