In the Pilates Studio, our mission is to enable and educate personal development and body awareness through biomechanically balanced and efficient movement. We offer a fully equipped studio and Certified Pilates Instructors, with several holding multiple fitness certifications. Learn more about our Pilates programming and download our class schedule here.

Classes with an Additional Fee

    • *Intro 3 Pack – $270 Member / $350 Non-Member
    • 1 Pack – $29 Member / $38 Non-Member
    • 6 Pack – $150 Member / $194 Non-Member
    • 12 Pack – $279 Member / $363 Non-Member
    • 24 Pack – $528 Member / $688 Non-Member

Members – purchase your pack online – here
Non-Members – purchase your pack online – here

If you have any questions about RVC Pilates, please email Katherine Grainger.

Introduction to Reformer
An intro to intermediate approach to learning and using the principles of Pilates as you stretch and strengthen your entire body for a full workout.
Incorporate all principles of Pilates as you stretch and strengthen for a full body workout.
Circuit Reformer
Utilize a combination of Pilates apparatus and accessories for a well-rounded workout.
Advanced Reformer
Discover another world of Pilates exercises on this amazing apparatus. Challenge your strength, full-body integration, and stamina while staying true to Pilates principles.

Classes Included with Membership

Demo Night
A small tester to feel out the class and try a few exercises. No experience required. We ask that members or non-members take this only one time. If you're new to pilates, you'll still have to complete a 3 session intro pack before joining a regularly scheduled reformer class. SIGN UP AT THE FRONT DESK.
Pilates Mix
This full body workout appreciably challenges core strength, dynamic stability, and coordination. Fit for anyone and will uniquely build strength and improve flexibility. This class uses props like foam rollers, bands, and balls.
Pilates Basics
This class will take you from beginner to intermediate exercises in the classical style of Pilates.
Classic Pilates Mat
Includes variations of basic Pilates movements by using props and light weights. We will provide modifications for beginners or for those with physical limitations. This incredible class is challenging yet a safe method to sculpt your body. You feel increased agility in your everyday movements.
Pilates in Water
Focuses on basic Pilates core stabilization exercises adapted to water. Pool Pilates is a safe, effective way to strengthen and mobilize your body while minimizing joint stress. Advanced class (Pilates Balance in Water) has more Pilates core stabilization exercises adapted to water and previous attendance to Pool Pilates is highly recommended.
Pilates Balance in Water
For intermediate swimmers. Advanced class has more Pilates core stabilization exercises adapted to water.

Meet our Instructors

Denise Breedlove

Denise Breedlove

“Life is a balance between holding on and letting go – Rumi”. Achieving balance in life is difficult but I find Pilates gives me an opportunity to step closer to that balance!
Teresa Urnezis

Teresa Urnezis

I love Pilates because it challenges my entire body and leaves me feeling aligned and refreshed. Ready for life!
Marie White

Marie White

I love Pilates because it gives me a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle. Every day I heed it’s message of balance.

Pilates Studio Etiquette

The Pilates Studio is primarily a personal training and class space. Due to space restrictions classes and personal training have preference over all other activity in the Pilates Studio.

Current personal training clients are welcome to use the equipment when there is no class in session, please check the schedule for class time. The equipment should be used according to the directions and program your trainer has provided you. If a trainer needs a piece of equipment you are using they may ask you to give up that equipment in order to train their client.

If you have never used the equipment in this space, please contact us to coordinate a time to learn how to use the equipment.

Please silence cell phones while working in the Pilates Studio.

Please limit conversations in the Pilates Studio when there is a Pilates Reformer class taking place.

Please remove shoes at the entrance to the Pilates Studio and store in the cubbies at the entrance. If you also store personal items in the cubbies, please take them with you when you leave the Pilates Studio. We are not responsible for any lost personal items.

Wear comfortable clothing that is not too loose; this is for your safety around the equipment and to ensure that those around you do not see something they may not want to see. And dress in layers so you can be comfortable.

All equipment should be used in the Pilates Studio only, please do not remove any equipment from the Pilates Studio or bring in any equipment from other spaces.

On completion of your workout, please wipe down all equipment and return it to the original location. Reformers should have springs affixed with carriage set at 2 and gear bar set at 2, straps hung without tension from shoulder rests, and boxes placed under the carriage.

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What our members say

 Jennifer Packard
Jennifer Packard

Whether you’re just starting out, trying to get back into a routine, or are feeling frustrated with your current regimen: Your fitness journey is your own. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

 Terry Hall
Terry Hall

‘Can’t’ is no longer in my vocabulary, and I have a sense of pride in my ability to work toward a goal and not only achieve it, but often exceed it.