Our Best Practices for Waxing and Tinting

What Makes a Service Experience Great

At the Spa and Salon at RVC we offer top of the line services for our guests. Learn more about our waxing and tinting services and enjoy a $5 lash tint with any brow wax in December.

Head to Toe Hair Removal

One such service we offer is full body waxing using NuFree. NuFree is not made with beeswax and paraffin like most tradition body waxes, instead it is a water soluble emollient base. It is antibacterial, anti-microbial and self preserving. This amazing wax was originally developed for plastic surgeons to use on patients before procedures for safe, clean, and minimal discomfort hair removal.

NuFree is safe for head to toe hair removal. Please always inform your provider of any oral or topical medications or treatments that may cause your skin to become sensitive.

The final step of the waxing services is to apply the post wax cream, Finipil. Finipil has a cooling property to reduce inflammation as a result of the hair removal process and it kills 99.99% of bacteria that can cause breakouts after waxing.

This cream also prevents pesky ingrown hairs. When used regularly after waxing, Finipil will slow down hair regrowth therefore allowing for a longer time period between waxing services.

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Lash and Brow Tint

RVC Salon and Spa also offers lash and brow tinting. We use Intensive brand tinting products. Intensive tinting products use all natural ingredients. The main ingredient is vegetable dye formulated for long-lasting effects. Tinting services take about fifteen to twenty minutes and typically last about four to six weeks depending on the individual. These treatments will make your eyebrows and eyelashes look longer, darker and fuller!

Please note that tinting cream will only tint the hair, therefore any lack of hair will not improve with these treatments. During the tinting process there is no strong scent and no irritation to lashes or brows. Lash and Brown Tinting is great for vacations, big events, and an everyday worry-free look!

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