My Last Summer’s Clothes Do Not Fit

I joined RVC in January of 2018, thirty pounds overweight, out of shape, feeling old and exhausted. A change was needed. I discovered that I could not afford a personal trainer but threw myself into classes. Jumping jacks and burpees were only a far distant dream. In the beginning, there was no way I could get both feet off the ground at the same time, and plunging hands first to the floor? Forget it. Luckily the staff at RVC is completely welcoming, and never judgmental.

In March of 2018, RVC ran a challenge to try out classes you might not do otherwise. There were classes that were accessible, and classes that pushed me a little. There were classes I left in tears. When that happened, there was always someone who checked in with me to make sure I was OK. Eventually I worked out a plan to do cardio, weights, and stretching. On the right track, I started to see improvements, and to lose weight.

“The clothes I wore last summer fall off now. This program has given me results and works for me.”

When RVC introduced ReShape in the fall, it was within my reach, and I was delighted to join Kory C’s class. Kory was demanding and responsive to my quirks. She taught me how to find a work-around for moves that were too challenging and pushed just hard enough to keep me moving and improving. I felt capable for the first time in a long time. My schedule changed and I could not do the next ReShape class, which was disappointing. When John Grainger started his class, it was scheduled in a time that worked for me, so I jumped on board immediately again. John is topnotch. He also helps me to find work arounds to make the moves work for me. When I have a sore spot, he knows what to do to get it moving again. He offers challenging workouts and I discovered that I really like doing them. Classes are challenging and I feel great after them. Now I can easily do 25 jumping jacks, and 15 modified burpees.

I have taken part in three ReShape classes, and have lost twenty pounds (since I joined, fourteen since starting ReShape) and over eleven inches. The clothes I wore last summer fall off now. This program has given me results and works for me.

Written By Hetty Thomae, Member Since 2018 

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