My First Half-Marathon

I’ve often wondered, what on earth would possess a person to want to run a half-marathon?

A 5k? Sure. Most of us (and I say this as a person who has completed a 5k while incredibly unfit), can knock out a 5k once the race adrenaline kicks in. It may not be fast and it may not be beautiful, but we can get it done.

I can even see the appeal of a 10k. A 10k puts you in this very subtle upper-echelon. (This, I say, as someone who has absolutely never run a 10k.) Sure, all your friends have done their Color Runs and their Mudderellas, but you’ve run a 10k. That’s twice as long! You’re basically a superhero!

But a half-marathon? More than ten miles? Nope. No, thank you. Absolutely not. I do not like running that much. Most longer races start incredibly early in the morning to avoid the heat and I don’t do mornings. And my relationship with diet and exercise can best be defined as “it’s complicated”. So, no. Find another sucker (or at least someone a lot more fit and hard-working than I am), because that is under no circumstances going to happen.

And yet, somehow, here I sit embarking on a blog about my quest to complete a half-marathon. How did this happen?

To answer that question, there is really only one thing you need to know about me:

I will do almost anything if I get to wear a princess dress and a tiara.

That’s it. It’s really that simple. It is a truth my parents learned early on in my childhood. Want Becca to eat her vegetables? Get her a crown and tell her she’s a Veggie Princess. Want her to enjoy weeding the garden? Put her in a floral dress with some wings and a wand and tell her she’s a Flower Fairy. The list of things I will do without complaint grows exponentially when you throw in the opportunity to dress-up.

So, the Disney Princess Half-Marathon? The chance to wear a costume that represents my favorite princess while I run? (How will I choose??) To run with a crown? A wand? Possibly a tutu?? Fine. You’ve got me. I surrender. I’ll do it.
Game on.

So from now until my race on February 21st, 2016, I’ll be writing weekly blog posts to update you on my training, my trials and tribulations, my successes, and my all-important wardrobe decisions. I’m looking forward (sort of) to taking this journey with all of you!

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Jennifer Packard

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Terry Hall

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