FitKids Partners with River Valley Community College

FitKids Childcare, like many other businesses, has struggled with being able to fill job openings in a timely manner.  Not only are the number of resumes down, but it is often difficult to find applicants that meet the necessary education requirements to fulfill the teacher level qualifications according to NH Childcare Licensing Regulations.  On the job training is not enough, yet many people coming into the early education field have not had college level training or are unable to access or afford it independently.  Our ability to keep our classrooms open and meet the demands of childcare in our community are dependent on hiring quality and qualified staff.  We have had to think creatively on how we can attract, train, educate and retain the teachers that are so essential to our success.

Recently, FitKids has partnered with River Valley Community College to offer a fully paid-accelerated level 1 Early Childhood Teaching Certificate for interested applicants.  RVCC understands the importance of hiring qualified teachers to work in our classrooms and listened to our stories about the struggles of finding teachers qualified for such positions.  Together we were able to put together a 22-week, 12 credit program that would be a fast track education for new or incoming teachers to help them meet the entry level childcare positions according to the NH Childcare Licensing regulations.  FitKids is willing to hire interested applicants for upcoming positions and fully pay for them to go through the fast track program and advance their careers within our company.  We have taken the pressure of affordability away and reduced a potential 2-year commitment down to 22 weeks.  At the end of the program teachers will walk away with a level 1 childcare teaching certificate and have the option to continue on for a level 2 certificate.

Our partnership with RVCC and the commitment to pay for higher level education is one more step we have taken to show our support for the teachers and children within our program.  Helping teachers receive higher level education and training allows them to be better teachers and better meet the needs of the children in our program.  We want our teachers to feel they have the tools and means to provide high quality care by providing them with the resources that help them understand what quality means.  Paid education is only one of the many wonderful benefits that our staff are offered.  It is our hope that through continued partnerships like the one with RVCC and our generous benefit package for our teachers, we will provide those interested in entering the early childhood education field the opportunity to do so and further their teaching careers.

If you are interested in launching your career or would like to inquire about open positions and our benefits package please contact the FitKids Director, Lisa Bozogan, at

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