Electrical Dry Needling to address Knee Pain and Osteoarthritis

Exciting news! There is new research supporting treatment to relieve your arthritis pain! These Osteopractic techniques can help you get back to doing the activities you love. The benefit of dry needling is that it alleviates pain, stiffness, decreased ROM and related deficits associated with knee osteoarthritis (OA).  A recent meta-analysis concluded that employing electricity in conjunction with needling is superior to needling alone for improving pain and function in patients with knee OA.  The analysis was high quality; it included 11 random controlled trials with 695 participants and indicated that the treatments were more effective than pharmacological treatment and manual needling alone.

Additionally, MRI studies show cartilage repair in patients with knee OA after they received a 20-minute electrical needling session each week for 4 weeks. Additional studies utilizing a 4 point protocol for 10 sessions with monthly booster sessions were found to have medium and long-term (9 months post-treatment initiation) to significantly decrease pain, stiffness, and function in patients with severe grade 3 or 4 knee OA.

How does this technique work to improve my OA?  Dry needling works by changing the way nerves talk to each other through a variety of chemical messengers. When the needle is inserted, it stimulates the periosteum or bone. Periosteal stimulation with needles inhibits pain processing, encourages more blood flow, or vasodilation, and quiets the transmission of signals in the spinal cord that tell the brain about pain.  Additionally, electro-needling has been shown to increase local natural opioid (your body’s pain-relieving medicine) production while decreasing pro-inflammatory factors. Electro-needling also causes the release of other chemicals called substance-P and CGRG that may lead to decreased inflammation. Moreover, limited evidence suggests needling may stimulate an increase in hyaluronic acid, allowing the synovial fluid to better lubricate the joint.

The Osteopractic approach incorporates specific techniques such as periosteal needling, tapping, and electricity. When combined, these methods can lead to significant and clinically meaningful improvements in pain and disability. Self schedule your appointment today at: https://www.precisionopt.com/.

“Greg’s individualized services have helped address chronic pain I’ve had for more than a decade, improving areas that haven’t shown improvement until I worked with him. His methods and customized care are outstanding.” Daniella Reichstetter, RVC Member, Tuck School of Business Business Professor

All references can be found at osteopractor.worldpress.com Dr. James Dunning September 26, 2017.

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