Choose My Outfit for the Disney Half-Marathon

It’s time to finally discuss the most important piece of the half-marathon: my outfit.

Last week I promised you that I had a plan to provide you with pictures so that you could vote for which princess I would dress as when I run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon next month.

The plan involved props, a glam squad, and an embarrassing amount of time using my rudimentary Photoshop skills. Yes, I promise you, it was a lot of work to make the following photographs look quite so silly!

Bryttny, (with the assistance of Kim), in the RVC Spa & Salon was the hero of the hour. Literally. She transformed me into four different princesses in an hour and a half! That girl is the queen of the up-do and I would have been utterly lost without her. If you have the need to look like a princess for any occasion, Bryttny is definitely your girl.

(I will never again think of modeling as easy work, by the way. At one point I had Bryttny doing my hair, Kim doing my makeup, and then both of them gluing eyelashes onto my face, and somehow I ended up exhausted.)

So let’s get to the voting, shall we? I want to keep this short and sweet. I’m going to give you some pros, cons, and outfit ideas for each princess, and then leave the rest to all of you. Choose wisely – we all know I’m only in this for the costume! The winning ensemble will be announced in Feb.

Countdown to Half-Marathon: 40 days.
Mood: Pleased to be thinking about pretty costumes rather than an annoying running injury!
Longest Distance Run: 8 miles. Still 🙁
Number of Workouts Last Week: 3 (1 strength, 1 running, 1 tennis)
Goal for This Week: Nine mile run. Fingers crossed my body cooperates!

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