Cerebral Palsy Won’t Stop Sofia

Sofia Tomek is a happy, energetic 13 year old. She has spastic dyplegia, cerebral palsy that causes spasticity in her legs.

Sofia has had a lifetime of physical therapy, hippo therapy, swim therapy and conductive education and undergoes a daily stretching routine. In 2017 she had a double osteotomy and muscle lengthening to correct her foot alignment and allow her to stand taller. She has one more surgery coming up and to help prepare her she is working with personal trainer Adam Dutille once a week strengthening her muscles, and maximizing her endurance with a carefully choreographed series of exercises.

Adam is very patient with Sofia and makes the experience fun for her while engaging in lengthy conversations about her school, friends, and hobbies. Adam has the experience and personality that is perfect for Sofia’s success. RVC also has the equipment that can be utilized for maximum benefit such as the Sci Fit eliptical for strength, endurance and help with gait. We are so thankful to Adam and RVC for helping Sofia reach her fullest potential!

Sheri (Sofia’s Mom), RVC member since 2019

As a personal trainer, you tend to look forward to the sessions where the client brings a positive attitude. Week after week, Sofia shows up with a smile on her face and new, exciting gossip about what’s happened at school that day.

Sofia’s case is a special one to me. My oldest brother, Jake, dealt with the everyday challenges that Cerebral Palsy brings. However, he carried himself with the glass half-full mentality much like Sofia does. Since Jake is no longer with us, I feel grateful for the time that I am able to spend working with Sofia.

Our routine together focuses on lower body strength, balance and cardiovascular endurance. She continues to improve each week, even though the exercises have continued to get more challenging. We still have plenty of room for improvement but it’s fun to look back and see how far she’s come.

Sofia is a great example of how you don’t have to let a condition define who you are. She accepts her strengths and weaknesses, shows up each week and puts in the necessary effort to improve. All the while, making her trainer and nearby members smile and laugh with her daily stories and riddles.

Adam Dutille, Personal Trainer at RVC

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