‘Can’t’ Is No Longer a Word in My Vocabulary

“I joined RVC five years ago because I needed to improve my physical and psychological well-being. I was 35 pounds overweight, sat in front of a computer for much of my work day and was under stress.

I began working once a week with Master Trainer Matt Newell. This quickly lead to twice a week. When I retired, we started meeting three times a week.

I began to feel better and better following each training session, and after several months I, having a stubborn personality, had begun to exchange old habits for positive ones and develop self esteem.

Before joining RVC, I rarely enjoyed physical activities; I often felt drained by them and sorely out of shape. Because of Matt’s intensity and unwavering encouragement these past five years, I’ve lost 36 pounds and increased my overall strength and endurance ten fold.

Despite being in my mid-60’s when I signed up with Matt, I have gained muscle, mobility, balance, and I am not gaining pounds, but losing them. I also have gained confidence: ‘Can’t’ is no longer in my vocabulary, and I have a sense of pride in my ability to work toward a goal and not only achieve it, but often exceed it.

Matt has not only changed me physically, but also has enhanced my life. I now enjoy walks with friends, picking up my grandchildren, carrying them for blocks, and swinging them upside down effortlessly. I built a stone wall a few weeks ago, and I wasn’t sore or exhausted afterward.

Most importantly I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to — a feeling I would not have dreamt of five years ago. Today, Matt continues to refine my workouts, change the pace and routine, add new challenges as well as continue to work on my technique to ensure optimal results, most often with a sense of humor.

Matt accepts that I am doing my best, which often is neither a graceful nor a poised approximation of his demonstration! Last year Matt suggested that I use “MYZONE,” a heart zone monitor sold in the FITshop that is designed to decipher heart rate impact, cardio, fat burn, and VO2 Max.

This tool not only motivates me to bring my best effort to every workout, it also gives Matt crucial feedback to tailor my workouts in real-time with the MYZONE screens on the fitness floor.

All in all, I think what matters most to me, besides feeling fit, is that Matt doesn’t allow me to fail. He praises me, not necessarily in words, but in upping the intensity of my workouts, setting reasonable goals, and always bringing his sense of humor and genuine support for my wellbeing to every training session. He’s just plain great.

Joining RVC and working with Matt Newell is a choice I congratulate myself for making. I have invested in my future to become stronger, fitter and healthier.”
Terry Hall

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 Jennifer Packard
Jennifer Packard

Whether you’re just starting out, trying to get back into a routine, or are feeling frustrated with your current regimen: Your fitness journey is your own. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

 Terry Hall
Terry Hall

‘Can’t’ is no longer in my vocabulary, and I have a sense of pride in my ability to work toward a goal and not only achieve it, but often exceed it.