Back to Fitness after a Detached Left Meniscus with Jennifer Karr

Jennifer Karr has worked with me through several injuries, as she has been my personal trainer since 2009. The first injury was in my shoulder. Over the years, and with other injuries, JK worked through each issue, and improved prevention through gains in my strength and mobility.
In January 2022, I detached the meniscus in my left knee completely. Over the following weeks, undergoing x-rays, MRIs, and further discussion, I wound up with surgery scheduled on April 1. (No, they weren’t kidding!)
Recovery was long and grueling. The surgeon had fully reattached the meniscus, but I was on crutches for six weeks, unable to use my leg or to put any weight on it. I was in a full leg brace, with physical therapy starting on Day 3 after surgery. I was encouraged to continue my personal training with JK, for abs and upper body strength. She was super about making sure I was balanced, and that every move was done correctly so as not to risk any further injury.
Once I hit week 8 my PT Kate worked closely with JK on strengthening exercises for my leg. JK also kept me well-rounded in all other areas during our sessions. It was hard work!
Throughout all these years of training with her, JK was and is always checking in to see if I’m doing my exercises outside of my sessions. If I have any questions or concerns, she helps me with all of that.
I would not be where I am today in my recovery without JK taking the initiative to work with Kate, and making sure every week I was showing improvement. Not only are you a client with JK, but she is a great friend and mentor!
Chris Axten
RVC Member/Staff since ’09

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