Anthony Vorachak CrossFit/Precision Osteopractic Success Story

I’ve played sports and have been very active outside since I was a kid. I did collegiate track and field and shortly afterward found the sport of CrossFit. Outside of the gym I very much enjoy hiking, biking, running, swimming and hunting. I truly do believe in movement is medicine for both the mind and body. So I think it’s very important to treat and take care of your body.

Enter, Dr. Greg and Precision Osteopractic. Greg is well versed in many aspects of treatment which I think is very important and makes him a very effective practitioner. I started seeing Dr. Greg at Precision just before the CrossFit Games Quarterfinals. I was trying to deal with some chronic hip and shoulder pain that wasn’t really going away with my normal rehab exercises. I didn’t have the luxury of taking time off and knew I needed to seek some expert advice. I booked my first session at Precision Osteopractic right at the RVC. During my initial evaluation including a thorough history, we discovered that my unresolved hamstring tear from high school was a major contributor to my chronic hip pain. Dr. Greg was able to quickly identify my pain generators and effectively treat them with trigger point dry needling, adjustments, and manual therapy techniques. The dry needling looks painful, but it’s really not, and I was very impressed with how effective it was. I was able to train for the CrossFit Games Semifinals and do everything else I love to do without taking any time off. It’s been quite some time since I’ve competed seriously in the sport of CrossFit and with the increased volume and hours of training the specialty treatments at Precision have really paid off.

I am excited to continue seeing the Precision Team in the future for all my aches and pains and optimization of my movement. They have been an important piece in allowing me to keep doing all the things I love to do. I highly recommend them.

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The 2022 CrossFit Atlas Games Semifinal takes place from June 10-13, 2022 at the Complexe Sportif Claude Robillard in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Twenty-nine male, thirty female athletes, and twenty teams will square off for a chance to earn one of five spots at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games.

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