A Couple’s Rebirth of Life through Training Success

For years, I had suffered from back pain and, three surgeries later, it was still excruciating.

I was getting less mobile all the time. I tried injections, physical therapy, and pain medications but nothing seemed to help. Doctors said I was a high risk for surgery so they would not consider operating.

A friend of mine suggested that I try seeing someone she was working with; a person who made her feel better than she had in a long time.

I decided to give it a try. River Valley Club was the place and Bonnie McDonald was the trainer. I had an interview with her and we went over all of my aches and pains. Through this process, she came up with ideas for things to try that might improve my health. We decided to work together for a while and see how it went.

At first we worked out twice a week with some additional exercises at home. A year and a half later, I now work with her once a week and get to RVC on my own at least one other time every week.

It has been years since I felt this good. I am walking comfortably and have even started playing golf again. Best of all, I am almost completely pain free.

Thank you, Bonnie, for caring and for being such a helpful and good friend to me.

Ginger’s husband shares how her successes have changed their life together for the better:

“Ginger and I are celebrating a new life and personal relationship triggered by Bonnie’s careful and inspiring program. After a year and a half of her downsizing all sports activity and even difficulty getting to the mailbox and back, the problems grew worse when back surgery did not relieve serious sciatica and hip pain.

Additional circulatory matters worsened and appearances of a heart attack started a long series of hospitalizations. Several problems were solved over time, some surgical, but mostly clarification of less urgent or crisis level matters, and administration of several kinds of medications.

Yet Ginger still had no real energy, enthusiasm, or the zest she once did. When she learned of someone who “saved her life” from our church minister’s wife, she switched from a prescribed phsyio program to personal training at RVC.

After a year, we have a “miracle” in her life. Such confidence, joy, and forward looking enthusiasm, like when we were married (before we were married!) 58 years ago. She glows on return and looks forward to the new week’s session. She even goes back on her own to get the same joy of exercise and conditioning. This has been a rebirth of our life and world together.” –Wendell Smith

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 Jennifer Packard
Jennifer Packard

Whether you’re just starting out, trying to get back into a routine, or are feeling frustrated with your current regimen: Your fitness journey is your own. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

 Terry Hall
Terry Hall

‘Can’t’ is no longer in my vocabulary, and I have a sense of pride in my ability to work toward a goal and not only achieve it, but often exceed it.