I’ve been a member for about 6 months now, and I considered giving up my membership at the end of my 6 month package to save money. What has convinced me to continue at RVC is the incredible training I’ve been getting from the RVC staff.


Adrianne’s spin class has really changed everything for me. It’s been a true cornerstone in my triathlon training. Not only has she taught me about proper form when riding, and how to regulate my body exertion level, but she’s also given me great advice on nutrition needs while exercising. Taking in electrolytes and healthy energy snacks during longer workouts has been a total game changer. During

class, she somehow maintains a calm, yet energetic demeanor, all while encouraging everyone to give it their absolute best. I really respond well to her supportive teaching style. She clearly loves what she’s doing, and it rubs off on her students. Attending her spin class twice a week makes it easy to justify the cost of continuing my Club membership. 


I’ve been so impressed with the staff, I even recommended that my mother join the club, and start training with Malik. She’s been thrilled with his guidance, and we can already notice a real difference not only in her physical ability, but also in her confidence and overall spirit. 


Looking forward to continuing my membership with the support of the excellent folks you have working at RVC.


~Julia Pfeiffer (Member since ’22 )

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