You may have heard a rumbling or two about this – but we are (finally!) pleased to announce a threefold building project, set to begin next week! An outdoor Racquet Sports court complex (completion date: June, 2023), and a renovation of our indoor pool area – creating a whole new aquatics experience (completion date: September, 2023) along with four new childcare classrooms (completion date: June, 2023) – answering a dire community need. It’s been seven years since
our last large-scale renovation, and thanks directly to your support, we are investing back into the business so that you get even more out of your membership. All the fun details are below. We are so excited to share this with you.

Pickleball & Tennis

A new build-out of four outdoor Racquet Sports courts is set to commence in the empty lot beyond the FitKids Childcare parking lot at 14 Lafayette St. The courts will be lined for both Pickleball and Tennis. Perhaps most exciting, these will be the only courts in the Upper Valley with lights for nighttime and early morning play. This effort transforms our Tennis offerings into a true year-round program. Specifically about pickleball – you’ll be able to try it, very soon, on our existing indoor tennis courts. To get on the list, stop by the FITshop the next time you’re at the Club.


So many of you have told us over the past couple of years about how our pools have been a safe haven, giving you an environment in which to return to fitness with the assurance that you can be as safe as possible. Early on with the limits on capacity, the restricted access of other Club members, very reduced youth activities, and our lane booking system, feedback received at RVC revealed your confidence in our outstanding aquatics program. In early 2019, it became apparent that a complete renovation of the pool area was on our horizon. As with all construction, time wears and quick fixes no longer solve issues, and we began the process of seeking out a timeline for starting this construction. But March 2020 happened and we never got that far.

Our air circulation system is top-notch, but the heating/cooling, chemical, and filtration systems in the pools all need an overhaul. Lap swimmers are well aware that after every rainstorm, rust sediment lines the floor of the lap lanes and when it pours outside, it indeed pours inside. Major changes are in order for 2023. An entirely redesigned recreation pool will better serve our swimmer’s and class goer’s needs and fit the space more appropriately, along with three brand new custom-built performance pools. But that’s not all, we are also putting in a custom-built cold-plunge pool – one that is purpose built for the growing demand for cryotherapy!

You may be wondering what a performance pool is… well… these pools have a commercial-grade electric motor that drives a specially calibrated (and custom set by the swimmer, depending on what type of workout you desire) propeller, creating a consistent water current you control each time you get in. All three pools may be utilized for aquatic rehabilitation and sports performance, with the ability to be calibrated to your needs.

The whole project is imminent and due to supply & demand and labor shortages with all construction, we have just gotten official word that our contractor is able to put this project on the docket now, so we are happily going for it. This means we will be closing down our indoor pools (lap pool, therapy pool, and cold plunge) in late November 2022. We understand this is in the dead of winter with no local alternatives for outside swimming, but please know that the sooner this project gets going, the sooner you can benefit from the upgrades.

We will have options for swimmers to subsidize your membership during this time. Please stay tuned as we finalize options with other local facilities.

Expanded Childcare

You’ve heard about a nationwide outcry or childcare, and our Upper Valley community is no exception. Some local centers have closed permanently. FitKids Childcare remains committed to being part of the early learning solution. Our waitlist includes well over 100 families, and our quality remains unparalleled; where else can preschool children learn to swim, rock climb, and play tennis as part of their curriculum? Additionally, FitKids set the bar for salary ranges and other valuable benefits for childcare providers. This part of the renovation launches four new FitKids classrooms, allowing for safe, healthy childcare for 50+ children.

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