Last weekend, my husband and I climbed to the top of Mount Cardigan.

There were a few times that I was really surprised at how tired some people around us were. Even my husband,
on our way down, said his legs were shaking. I am far from an amazing athlete, but I’ve attended Jennifer Karr’s spin class almost every Monday for a year and a half. And because of how much stronger my heart and body are, climbing the mountain was fairly easy to me. It’s so satisfying to see those kinds of results pay off in real life!

There have been so many moments lately to reflect and feel proud. Between walking, hiking, Spinning, and yoga – I had 9 active sessions this week. A couple of times during my yoga sessions I thought to myself, “I’m feeling so much stronger in this pose than I used to.” I love that with exercise and activity you can have those concrete moments where you notice such a difference in yourself.

It amazes me that only two years ago, I was doing *zero* exercises a week. It was only after joining RVC that I began to actually love my workouts.

I’m so grateful for my instructors that have inspired me to keep going, week after week.

~ June Decker (Member since ’20)

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