Something that I love about classes with RVC is that I’m always learning something new about exercise science or anatomy.


When I learn these things from my instructor, I feel motivated and empowered because I’m really learning how exercise benefits my body.


In Adrianne’s Spinning class, we had an untraditional class that I loved. Instead of going into the cardio zone, we spent the class in the fat burn zone. She explained how by training in the aerobic zone instead of anaerobic, the oxygen is used to burn the fat in your body. It was extremely motivating because it made me realize the true meaning of movement being medicine – that not every workout has to be pushing yourself to the max, because less intensity can help just as much by building endurance.


And of course, one more thing – can you believe that after 2 1/2 years of being a member, I tried the sauna at RVC for the first time? I was always so nervous about it! And wow, I’ve really been missing out. I normally use the hot tub after my classes and meditate, but I found that the sauna was much more relaxing, somehow.


When I really need to take care of myself, my ideal night is: an amazing exercise class, a hot shower, and then the sauna or hot tub.


I love that my visits to the Club always feel like self-care – it’s so hard to find anywhere else! 


~June Decker (Member since 2020)

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