I first met Ming back when pedicures were being done at RVC by starting with soaking your feet in a large round tub of water.


I came in because my son gifted me a gift certificate here because he knows I’m particular about professionalism and the quality of the service which I receive.


So I decided to make it special by bringing my daughter with me. We planned a special mother/daughter Spa day!


Since neither of us had ever been to RVC, we didn’t really know what to expect but we were sure my son had done his research and would only be sending us to an amazing place.


Right from the start, my daughter and I felt so welcomed at RVC by all staff – from the check in experience all the way through to the end of the service. When Ming walked in, she greeted us with the warmest smile, a friendly demeanor while offering us something to drink and a true sense of pampering. I know when I walked out that day I would never go anywhere else for my nail services because there was just a certain sense of specialness about Ming as a person ,along with the utmost expertise and quality of service.


Now, whenever I have an appointment with Ming I’m so excited that day because she does such an amazing job each and every time. Furthermore, she warms my heart more than one can imagine from just a mani or a pedi.


Over the years I have come to think of Ming as one of my very special friends. We chat about our adult children, about our lives, and I truly love being able to ask questions about culture and appreciate her openness during our special time together.


In June, I had a traumatic life event happen and I happened to have an appointment scheduled with Ming that very day. When I arrived that day, I was greeted with that same warm and caring smile – and that’s all it took to make my day. I broke down crying. For the next hour while Ming provided her services she talked to me in her calm demeanor, gave me suggestions, and assured me along with a heartfelt hug. I will be forever grateful Ming was there for me that day.


I truly admire Ming because she is always positive. That attitude is infectious. Ming truly takes the time to understand her clients, know their needs, and then provides expert advice when necessary. AND then delivers superior nail work.

Ming is an incredible asset to the River Valley Club and the community – – she provides her clients with all that RVC prides itself of. What a perfect fit. I can’t imagine going to anyone else, her combination of skills and expertise prove to be unmatched anywhere else – especially in the Upper Valley.


I urge anyone considering giving a gift certificate to a loved one, or just pampering yourself – to reach out to Ming and the Salon at the River Valley Club.


~Sheila Clark (RVC Salon client since 2014)

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