I first came to know Bryttny when I was seeing another stylist at the former Elements Salon (used to be in the upper level of the RVC). When that stylist decided to leave the area, she recommended Bryttny to me. Although sad to be losing that stylist, I wasn’t worried as I had seen Bryttny in action and thought, this gal is good, and this will be fun. That isn’t something I typically would think for a hair appointment. That was 10 years ago, and I continue to see her today. When the Elements salon closed and Bryttny transitioned to the RVC salon I followed right behind her. (It wasn’t so hard to do as she is amazing, and the fact that she moved from working upstairs to downstairs – OK I digress). I’ve watched the RVC salon and Bryttny grow through the years.


I’ve seen stylists come and go, but one constant has been Bryttny and I’m very happy I stayed with Bryttny and the RVC. It is such as relaxing atmosphere and Bryttny makes it fun. Not only does she know what my color and preferred style are, she knows about me. We’ve shared a lot of laughs together, shared stories about family, friends, vacations, books, good times and bad and she truly listens and gets to know the person she is working with. It’s not just about going in to get my hair done, it’s about visiting with a friend who truly knows me. And I consider her my friend. I always leave my appointments feeling amazing.


Oh, and if you didn’t know it, she is a color specialist and she truly has an eye for color. I receive numerous compliments on my color and style of cut. Bryttny is the most energetic person I know. She is strong while also being flexible. When I want to try something “new” she is open to the idea and says, “let’s do it!”. But she also doesn’t hesitate to explain the pros and cons of such a change, that’s because she aways wants to make her clients happy (which she succeeds in doing).


I’ve had the opportunity to observe Bryttny with other clients when I receive other services at the salon. She has such versatility, whether the client be male or female, child or senior, she treats everyone professionally, and courteously. And if I hadn’t mentioned it before, makes it fun. I see her interactions with her co-workers, they all get long so well, and it’s apparent that they enjoy working with her.


When the salon was closed during Covid, I was able to communicate with her to ask her ideas on how to keep my locks looking decent. She was very creative in her ideas and was so helpful to me in figuring out alternatives.


Bryttny is a fantastic stylist and the RVC is lucky to have her. I have recommended her to several people and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.


~Dierdre Muller (RVC Salon client since 2012)

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