After a serious operation my doctor said to me, do you want to fully recover? Well, find a good trainer. I’ve been trying to get my body to conform to Malik’s exercise plans for 6 weeks now and, WOW, do I feel better. He’s dedicated to his important work, and he actually makes it fun. He’s the real deal!

~ Deb Pfeiffer (RVC Member since ’22)



Working with Deb has been a pleasure. She is always ready to take on the day with a positive attitude, and motivated to improve her health and fitness. When we first started working together it was apparent Deb had some weaknesses impacting her daily life. We identified ways to improve her mobility, and built on foundational strengthening exercises for her overall health. Each session builds on the previous one, and all are tailored to Deb’s goals and daily needs. Her improvement is consistent, making it easy for me to design an exciting program adapted to her level of progress.

~Malik Newcomb (Personal Trainer since ’22)

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