Restorative Yoga with Thai Yoga Workshop

A Popular Workshop is Back!

Restorative yoga seeks to achieve physical, mental, and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. Poses are of being (not doing), of practicing deliberate stillness. During restorative yoga, the nervous system becomes quieter, allowing tension to melt away as you become present to what is happening in the body and mind, moment by moment.

This two hour restorative yoga class led by Sonya Carter will begin with gentle stretching and movements to warm the muscles, creating space in the body and allowing all of the restlessness and stress of the day to dissolve. Meg Linn will assist and offer gentle Thai Yoga massage adjustments to anyone who would like to experience this technique in addition to the restorative poses.

What students have to say:

“I absolutely loved the Restorative yoga workshop with Thai Massage that Sonya put on! I felt completely transcended and peaceful for the entirety of the class. Sonya has such a beautiful energy, she makes it easy to let go and completely release into the poses. The Thai massage and adjustments were an added bonus that brought an extra bit of relaxation to the class. I would highly recommend coming to one of Sonya’s workshops in the future…. don’t forget to stay until the end, she sings you into Savasana with her incredible voice!” Sara

“After practicing yoga for a couple of years, I tried a restorative class. I clearly had no idea what I was in for. The classes I had taken in the past were highly active. Restorative yoga is more like getting a big hug. To just be, relax and breathe are the only requirements. I left feeling relaxed, and centered. A truly wonderful gift I gave to myself.” Carolyn

“Restorative Yoga was just what I needed. I really appreciated the mini-massages by the Thai Yoga assists relaxing me even more. I think I was falling asleep at the end in the inclined position.” Connie

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