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Drop-Off and Pick-Up Every Week

Daniel Piotte, who sharpens scissors for most of the Upper Valley’s hair salons, brings his craftsmanship and twenty years of experience to members with drop-off/pick-up knife sharpening services. Daniel uses sharpening stones and an angle guide, providing a sharp, mirror edge at a precise angle — with no chance of overheating the blade.

Q&A With Daniel Piotte

What is your process?

I use only sharpening stones and an angle guide. This provides a sharp edge at a precise angle with no chance of overheating the blade. Although this is a much longer and more involved process I feel it the only way to achieve a proper cutting edge.

How long have you been doing this?

I have had a deep interest in knives my entire life. My obsession with sharpness began when I was a professional cook. A superior edge is an absolute necessity in a commercial kitchen. I learned to put a razor’s edge on my knives to prevent injury and fatigue,and to produce exceptional results. That was thirty years ago and I haven’t stopped since.

What is your relevant experience?

I have ten years experience as a professional cook. I also have 20 years of metalworking experience including everything from blacksmithing and bladesmithing to precision machining and toolmaking.

Do you sharpen shears?

Yes. I sharpen both professional hair stylist shears and domestic shear that can be disassembled. The cost is $40.

What can you teach me about knives?

That dull knives are dangerous.
The difference between steels
The need for correct edge geometry
The pros and cons of knife manufacturing styles


“Dan is a meticulous craftsman. He is satisfied when the edge is perfect, and nothing less will do. Most people have never experienced the sensation of cutting with a truly sharp edge—or maybe it’s been years or decades since the last time—but Dan’s results turn cutting into a genuine pleasure. He’ll be my go-to for sharpening from here on out.”
Zack Jonas

“I thought that my friendly old Sabatier knives — purchased in 1983 — just wouldn’t take an edge anymore. But after Daniel worked on them for me, they seemed as good as new. They now go through a tomato or meat better than anything that I have in my knife drawer. Look along the blade and see the mirror shine on the cutting edge. Nobody who has worked on my knives in the past has ever done as good a job.”
Joe Asch

“Dan Piotte from Upper Valley Sharpening does an amazing job of sharpening shears! Not only does he do a superior job of restoring well used scissors, he returns them to better than new quality! I can’t praise his workmanship enough, he is a true artist and the absolute best at sharpening a dull pair of scissors. Thank you Dan, I look forward to doing business with you in the future!”
Valari Freeborne

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