How Training has Become an Integral Part of My Life

“When I retired in June of 2012, I moved from the Boston area to a farm in Tunbridge.

I had originally thought that maintaining the place would keep me fit during retirement, but I eventually realized that the concept was fool’s gold, and that to do all the gardening and woodcutting I wanted to do, I had to get fit in a more comprehensive way.

When I retired, I hadn’t been to a gym in decades. I would occasionally run a few miles or do twenty minutes on the Nordic Track, at most once a week. When I started looking into local options, CrossFit training was appealing to me. The focus was on total-body functional fitness. I started CrossFit training in late June of 2012 with three sessions a week.

By September 2012, I began to notice an increase in my muscle mass and strength. At the end of each session, I also felt a sense of peace and contentment. I got positive feedback from my sons, who were impressed with my improving physical condition. Even though I started CF training with the focus on making my farm work easier, CF has now become a goal itself.

I now do CF-style personal training with Anthony Vorachak twice a week and I come in once a week to workout on my own. I get satisfaction in how training makes me feel both physically and emotionally. It has become an integral part of my life. I am 71 and weigh 157 pounds. Some of my PRs (personal records) include the following: dead lift 345lb, back squat 250lb; front squat 190lb and 100 calories on the Air Bike in 10:20. I have also done a muscle up.

I think the key to physical improvement with CF training is good form and maintaining high intensity whether that is for five minutes or fifteen. Though I am fairly motivated, I depend on Anthony to provide that extra push and to vary my workouts, which is important for achieving optimal results and avoiding injuries.”
Marc Lefebvre

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 Vijay Govindarajan
Vijay Govindarajan

Places like RVC are important for the future of healthcare in this country. For me, training is not a cost; it is an investment with huge returns.

 Wendy Mikolyski
Wendy Mikolyski

RVC has introduced me to some inspiring and great people. Encouragement from friends I have made at the gym and instructors has significantly contributed to my success.