How MYZONE Improved My Cardio Routine

“MYZONE has changed my life! Well, maybe this is a bit of an overstatement, but it certainly has helped me rejuvenate my cardio program.

I rely primarily on hiking in the woods with my dog, Beau, for my cardiovascular exercise. I’ve noticed over the last six months that I didn’t have as much energy or stamina, both while hiking, and in general.

Apparently my trainer, Sergeant Cindy Summer, noticed this as well, and decided to get me going by increasing the cardio level of my Tuesday workouts, using the MYZONE belt for inspiration. Since I was “re-upping” for another year of training, she was able to offer me a belt free of charge.

Our first session made me face the reality that my cardio fitness level had definitely fallen off. I made it through the first session with a lot of scowling and cursing under my breath (at least mostly under my breath). Cindy’s goal for me was to keep my heart rate at about 75% for most of the 50-minute session, using a variety of cardio machines (treadmill, elliptical, rowing) as well as cable, TRX, and free exercises. I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly I could adapt to this new program: I’m no longer scowling, cursing, or threatening Cindy with bodily harm. I’m actually enjoying the challenge. Being able to look at the display and quickly check my level is very helpful.

I’m also using my MYZONE belt on hikes, and it’s helping me to see how much I need to push myself in order to get the cardio benefit I want. I like coming in and downloading my information and seeing the graphs with lots of green and blue, and the occasional yellow.”
Kathleen Corrigan

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