Dry Cleaning Service

We have partnered with New London Dry Cleaning, a family owned and operated local business, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment since 1972. They are equipped with a state of the art Hydro Carbon Dry Cleaning machine which is “Perc Free”. This service is available for members only, and pick-up will be every Monday/Wednesday/Friday at the FITshop. For more details call the FITshop.

Dry Cleaning Policies
-You must be a current club, spa or tennis member to use the dry-cleaning service
-A maximum of 8 items may be dropped off each time the service is used but members may use the service as often as they wish.
-Items must be picked up within 10 days of being billed (this date will be on the confirmation receipt you receive in your email). Items picked up ten days or more past the billing date will be subject to a 5% storage fee which will increase by 1% for every subsequent week until items are collected.
-Due to the volume of dry-cleaning we rely on email as our primary communication method. All dry-cleaning customers are responsible for ensuring they have a valid email on file and checking it regularly.
-We ask that all dry-cleaning customers have a valid card on file or an account balance (‘pre-pay’) of $50 or more so that dry-cleaning can be charged as soon as it arrives.
-If you are unhappy with the finish of an item, you may send it to be redone twice before a new charge will be incurred.
-Customers are responsible for verifying their order upon pick-up. We will do all we can to help return the missing or incorrect items to their proper owner, but once an item has been picked up from the FITshop reimbursement for incorrect or lost items is no longer possible.
-River Valley Club takes no liability for lost or damaged items – please use our pick-up/drop-off service at your own risk.


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Terry Hall

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