Fit & Fab Cancer Awareness Events

RVC Fit & Fabulous Events started in 2012 in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness

RVC members and members of the community donate items in exchange for group training sessions led by trainer, Tara Ebejer. Every year, fabulous gift bags are created for women who are receiving chemotherapy at the Norris Cotton Cancer Center.


A thank-you note from Tara Ebejer:

150 bags have been stuffed and delivered to the Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

2018 was the most successful year to date. Usually when it is time to stuff, I have the 150 bags. This year I had the bags and over $2,000 to help purchase items for stuffing (much less stress this year). I get a bit better at organizing every year, we had many new participants join the team and a lot of generosity and support from many people. Erin McCabe added a yoga class, Alex Blakeman added a spinning class and the Hartford Girls Soccer Team filled 3 bins and raised over $600. Solmate socks donated 150 pairs of socks AND 150 hats. Café RVC offered a Fab-Berry smoothie with $1.00 of every sale going to Fit & Fab. My mom crocheted 120 hats, my family came to help stuff and deliver and my USUAL TEAM showed up at most of the events.

Know that this act of kindness has a positive impact on these patients lives.
MANY thanks for the continued support. Stay tuned for next year’s dates and events.
Tara Ebejer

Letters from recipients

Thank you so very much for my wonderful black and white bag filled with goodies! I could not have received it on a better day. I had just had a tough week on my new chemo and was dreading the next infusion. Then I got the great news that I could skip a week! After that good news, I was presented with your black and white bag, which was the frosting on the cake.

I have a rare form of cancer. It effects my skin. It is Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL) – Szery Syndrome. I have had it now for 5 years and, hopefully, some of the new treatments I’m about to start will put me in remission.

I loved all the goodies in the bag. The quilt and soft blanket were wonderful. I ate the tiny bag of M & M Peanuts immediately. They were scrumptious. I appreciated the journal and pen as I love to write and will use your journal for poetry. I was unable to use some of the wonderful creams because of my skin condition. I am only allowed to use Aveeno Eczema Cream. However, my daughter and granddaughter, who help me, will love the creams.

Thank you again for your kindness, generosity of spirit and caring. It is people like you who help make this world a better place.

Gratefully yours, Linda Robillard

I went to DHMC yesterday for my monthly treatment for breast cancer that has spread to my spine. What a pleasant surprise when my cancer team presented me with the gift bag from The Fit & Fabulous Group at RVC with so many treasures in it. Please accept my sincere thanks for this kind gift and for selecting those of us who are dealing with mestatic cancers as recipients of the bags.
Deb A

As a recipient of one of the “Fit and Fabulous” bags I want to thank you and all those who contributed. How nice to go to the hospital and return with something other than test results or drugs.
Sincerely, Anna, Stage IV terminal breast cancer

Thank you so much for the wonderful gift bag. It was a very unexpected surprise and definitely did put a smile on my face. All the items will be used (maybe some by my grandchildren) and greatly appreciated. I have my second chemo treatment next week and it is very comforting to know how many people are thinking and praying for all of us going thru this.

Yesterday while at Dartmouth Hitchcock I received a bag full of goodies from your group at RVC.
Thank you so much!!!! I am a stage 4 cancer patient at the hospital and I am grateful to you and your group for your generosity and kindness. Please pass along my gratitude for the kindness shown to a stranger.
Blessings, Christy S

I was one of the recipients of the care bag for breast cancer patients that you brought to DHMC! I received mine today and it was a nice surprise and there are alot of useful and beautiful items in the bag. Looking forward to using them. What a nice, thoughtful, and generous idea and wanted you to know how appreciate I was.
Thank you so much.
Blessings, Maribel

I have been a breast cancer patient since 2009 and a stage 4 patient since 2011. To my surprise when I went to my treatment on Friday I received this beautiful bag filled with all this wonderful stuff, I can’t tell you how wonderful that was. When I was first diagnosed people were always there trying to help but as the years have gone by, and believe me I am gratefull for all the years , people just start to drift away I don’t think they know what to do and say after a while knowing that I’m not getting better. So to walk in and receive such a wonderful gift from strangers was very much the highlight of my day it’s a wonderful thing what you did for all of us Thank you so much.

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