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Lifestyle Wellness Consultation: $570

A comprehensive assessment of your lifestyle, genetics, and emotional well-being.

  • $1240 value!
  • One Hour Lifestyle and Nutrition Evaluation
  • One Hour Psychological Evaluation
  • DNA testing to assess your natural response to nutrients, exercise, eating triggers, and risk for metabolic conditions
  • One Hour with the Physician and Psychologist to review your personalized results

Because we believe you can reach your healthiest potential by aligning your lifestyle choices with your unique genetic and psychological profile, we integrate all aspects of your health into this personalized guidance.

With this consultation, you will learn which approach to healthy eating may be the most beneficial for you and how to optimize your lifestyle, psychological fitness, and emotional well-being to reach your greatest potential in life.

The summary of your assessment and subsequent guidance will focus on your unique strengths as well as areas of weakness and provide personalized recommendations with actionable goals to improve your health and enhance your life.

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What our members say

 Vijay Govindarajan
Vijay Govindarajan

Places like RVC are important for the future of healthcare in this country. For me, training is not a cost; it is an investment with huge returns.

 Wendy Mikolyski
Wendy Mikolyski

RVC has introduced me to some inspiring and great people. Encouragement from friends I have made at the gym and instructors has significantly contributed to my success.